Snow & Winter Tires in Xenia, OH

Snow and winter tires are designed to provide superior traction in colder weather conditions such as ice, snow, and slush. Our snow tires at Pitt Stop Tire & Auto feature specialized tread patterns with deeper grooves to trap snow and bite into the slippery roads to give you a better grip. Additionally, our winter tires are formulated using a softer rubber compound than all-season tires, allowing them to stay flexible in cold weather and helping them grip the road better. Stay safe this winter with service from Pitt Stop!

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Snow Tires in Xenia, OH

Tires 101

“Do I Need Winter Tires?”

If temperatures drop consistently under 45 degrees, you should switch to winter ties. These tires are designed to perform safely in not just snow but icy and slushy conditions. After switching your tires for the winter season, changing them when temperatures rise consistently over 45 degrees is essential. Warm weather will cause the rubber compound to wear significantly quicker and must be replaced sooner.

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3 Benefits of Snow Tires:

Reduce the Risk of Accidents

Ohio drivers are particularly vulnerable to winter car crashes. consistently ranking as the state with the most winter driving fatalities; also, 17% of all vehicle crashes occur in snowy conditions. Not only will winter tires give you better handling on icy roads, but the increased confidence in your vehicle can help you drive more safely and minimize feelings of nervousness.

Improved Handling

All-season tires are made to respond fast to your driving. While this benefits dry roads, it’s a safety hazard when roads are icy, snowy, or wet. The quick response can result in skidding or spinning out. Winter tires, on the other hand, are soft and squishy. The grip improves handling on icy roads, keeping you in control of your vehicle.

Extend Life of All-Season Tires

When you drive on all-season tires in the winter, the harsh conditions cause severe wear and tear and uneven tread. The tires will be susceptible to balding, bubbling, and deflating. Over time, you’ll pay more to replace all-season tires than if you stored them and used winter tires instead. By swapping the tires, you’ll extend their lives and get more for your money.

Prepare for Ohio Winters at Pitt Stop Tire & Auto

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to learn about your various options this winter, it’s time to make your appointment with us here at Pitt Stop Tire & Auto in the Dayton, OH area! Our shop in Xenia has an on-site service center with a team of certified mechanics with the skills and experience to care for your vehicle, and help you find the right winter tires or all-season tires.

We’ll be happy to set you up with the best tires for your specific car, and we can also offer advice if you have any questions. Plus, if you’re looking for other parts or accessories, we’ll be happy to order and install them! Make your appointment today calling us at (937) 352-6616.

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Snow Tires in Xenia, OH
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We know buying new tires and/or wheels for your car or truck can be stressful on the wallet, so we’re here to help. As the leading tire shop in Xenia, OH, we’ve made sure we have payment plans that will fit anyone’s needs so you can get tires now and pay later. Whether your purchase is a surprise or expected, we'll take care of you.

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Winter Tires in Xenia, OH

Snow & Winter Tire Questions & Answers

What If My Car Has Traction Control?

While traction control will help keep you from overpowering your tires, it doesn’t improve your tire’s traction; it simply limits your car’s acceleration to the traction level of your tires. The only way to maximize your vehicle’s winter performance is to provide traction control with more grip using tires specifically designed for your driving conditions.

Won't All-Season Tires Work Just Fine?

By design, All-Season tires are a compromise intended to provide acceptable traits under various conditions. However, that compromised goal prevents them from being a master of any of them. The All-Season tire tread designs and compounds engineered to provide extended mileage and durability under the summer’s sun are less effective in winter’s freezing temperatures and through snow and on ice. Specific winter tires deliver much better snow and ice performance than All-Season tires because their tread designs and tread compounds are engineered to master those conditions. In contrast, summer tires deliver better handling in the rain and dry roads. Why not have the best tires for each condition you’ll encounter?

What If My Car Has Front-Wheel Drive?

Front-wheel drive is undoubtedly an advantage, but it can be multiplied by using winter tires designed for the road conditions you’ll encounter. Part of a front-wheel drive car’s acceleration advantage is that it has 60% of its weight over the drive wheels. And while this helps you get started, it does nothing to help you stop. And a front-wheel drive car’s weight distribution is not the best for handling and cornering. Many reasons that encouraged you to select a front-wheel drive car are the same reasons that dedicated winter tires will make your winter driving more enjoyable and enhance your car’s braking, handling, and cornering traits.

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