Vehicle Battery Replacement & Installation in Xenia, OH

You could have a full tank of gas. However, if your vehicle doesn’t start, you won’t be going anywhere. If you need “car battery replacement services near me,” Call Pitt Stop Tire & Auto. We have the information necessary to find the optional battery type. We help you select the correct battery for your vehicle at the most affordable prices.

Schedule an appointment with Pitt Stop Tire & Auto today, and we can install a new replacement battery in your new or used SUV, car or truck. Our batteries are designed for the highest-performance demands of today’s vehicles.

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Car Battery Installation in Xenia, OH

AUTO Maintenance 101

What to Expect During a Car Battery Replacement

When it comes to car batteries, consumers have a lot of options these days. No worries though! We remove all the guesswork when it comes to car battery replacement. Our expert technicians will help you find the right battery for your vehicle, driving style and budget. Here’s what you can expect out of a car battery replacement at Pitt Stop Tire & Auto:

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3 Parts of a Battery Inspection:

Battery Sizing

We inspect the vehicle’s electrical system and current battery to find your vehicle’s recommended battery group type and size.

System Diagnostic

We perform an inspection of the key starting and charging system parts and functions that includes the starter, alternator, battery, and voltage levels.

Battery Replacement

We install the best battery for your vehicle while factoring in the vehicle’s make, your driving habits, the climate, and its overall performance.

Types of Car Batteries for Your Vehicle in Xenia, OH

The automotive battery is a rechargeable battery used to start a vehicle. Its primary purpose is to send a voltage to the starter, which provides the spark for the internal combustion engine. It also powers the car’s electrical components, like your headlights, wipers, and radio. We all know what the car battery does. But did you know that there are eight different types of batteries — each with its specific benefits and drawbacks?

  • Lead Acid Battery: This battery has four main elements—positive plate, negative plate, separator, and electrolyte. A plastic container is used to hold these components together. One needs to charge the battery to enable it to produce voltage.
  • Lithium-ion Battery:This rechargeable battery can be used in many portable electronics and electric vehicles. These batteries have a high energy density, which reduces the battery pack’s overall size.
  • SLI Battery: SLI stands for starting, lighting and ignition. It is a rechargeable and lead-acid battery that one can find in most vehicles. In fact, this battery is specially designed for automobiles. One can find it installed in the charging system of vehicles.
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Car Battery Replacement in Xenia, OH
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We know buying new tires and/or wheels for your car or truck can be stressful on the wallet, so we’re here to help. As the leading tire shop in Xenia, OH, we’ve made sure we have payment plans that will fit anyone’s needs so you can get tires now and pay later. Whether your purchase is a surprise or expected, we'll take care of you.

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Battery Testing Services

Car battery testing evaluates the performance of a vehicle’s battery. We measure the voltage and current output of the battery and perform tests to check how quickly it will charge and discharge when used to power an electrical device. This test also determines whether a battery needs replaced or whether it’s still good. Testing should always be performed by a qualified mechanic like Pitt Stop Tire & Auto.

Improper procedures damage the battery and lead to unsafe conditions. Last but not least, the results of the test also help to determine whether any other maintenance or repairs are necessary to keep the car running optimally. With proper testing and maintenance, a car’s battery should last for many years.

Car Battery Replacement in Xenia, OH

Like everything in this world, car batteries won’t last forever. Your car’s battery is like any other part. Over time, it can become weak and eventually stop working. Luckily, it can be easy to spot a poorly working battery. If you ever have trouble starting your car, there is a good chance that a weak battery is responsible.

Your battery powers just about everything in your car. It is what’s responsible for getting the engine started, as well as controlling the lighting inside and outside of your car. Most standard car batteries only cost a couple of hundred dollars to replace, but hybrid car batteries can be much more expensive. Bring your vehicle into Pitt Stop Tire & Auto, and let us diagnose the your vehicle’s battery problem.

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Car Battery Questions & Answers


Visit Pitt Stop Tire & Auto in Xenia, Ohio, to find a replacement car battery near you. We have a wide inventory of batteries for all types of vehicles. Schedule an appointment today!


The weaker the battery (, the more discharged it is), the longer it will take to charge. An overly discharged battery could take up to 12 hours to recharge. If you use a 10 amp charger, it will take 4 to 11 hours to recharge a 12-volt battery.


We recommend referring to your owner’s manual for instructions relating to jump-starting your battery. Keep a set of jump cables in your car. Remember, every car is different. If you’re experiencing problems with your battery, stop by our location for a battery inspection.

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