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Automatic and standard transmissions are very complex. The use of computers in both engines and transmissions adds to the complexity of today’s newer vehicles. Proper diagnostic testing is a must in pinpointing existing problems. At that point, you can decide whether you need a new transmission or can rebuild your existing one.

Your vehicle’s transmission is one of the most complex, expensive, and essential pieces of machinery. Transmissions transfer power from your engine into the torque, which spins your wheels. Whether you drive a manual or an automatic — regular transmission inspections are essential to the health and longevity of your vehicle —that’s why most vehicle manufacturers recommend regular transmission services. Call to book an appointment at Pitt Stop Tire & Auto if you need a transmission service. Our expert technicians can handle all your transmission needs and keep your vehicle performing at its best.

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Transmission Services in Xenia, OH

AUTO Maintenance 101

Why Transmission Maintenance Services Are Important

The transmission system is essential to a functional vehicle. Without it, you can’t go anywhere. Yet roadside breakdowns due to transmission trouble happen more often than you think. In general, automatic transmission repairs are more complicated, as they involve more intricate parts than manual transmissions.

Transmission inspections and fluid exchange intervals vary between vehicle models and transmission types. Generally, it would be best to consider servicing your transmission every 24,000 to 36,000 miles—or roughly every two to three years.

Never ignore your check engine lights; they are there for a reason. If your transmission is showing warning signs, from the light itself, to any of the other signs we’ve listed, call Pitt Stop Tire & Auto.

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3 Signs You’re Due for Transmission Service:

Leaking Fluid

Leaking fluid is a sign your vehicle requires essential maintenance, but distinguishing between transmission and other leaks can be challenging. If you notice dark spots on your driveway or garage floor, the next time you park your vehicle, place cardboard underneath your vehicle.

If you notice the leaking fluid is bright red, dark red, or brown, it is likely due to a malfunction in your transmission. It is imperative to have the leak corrected as soon as possible, to avoid further costly repairs.

Unusual Odor

Transmission fluid should be replaced every 30 to 60 thousand miles or by your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendations. If you smell a sweet, burning odor, it could be related to your transmission fluid. The smell is easy to confuse with radiator coolant, but you should have any unusual odors inspected by your mechanic.

Transmission Shifts Poorly

Whether your drive a car with a manual or automatic transmission, rough or delayed shifting is indicative of a transmission that requires service.

Timing Belt Replacement Services in Xenia, OH

Your engine’s timing belt is a fiber-reinforced, toothed drive belt manufactured with durable compounds like highly saturated nitrile. Timing belts enable the crankshaft to drive the camshafts in the cylinder head at half of the RPMs of the crankshaft. The camshafts open and close the engine’s intake and exhaust valves and time them with the movement and position of the pistons in the engine.

At about every 60,000 to 90,000 miles, engines with timing belts need services. Timing belts need to be replaced at the service interval specified by the vehicle manufacturer regardless of whether or not any problem is visible, typically in the range of 60,000 to 90,000 miles. The vehicle’s owner’s manual should indicate the exact service interval.

On some engines, if the timing belt jumps or breaks, the pistons and valves can collide and there could be noise and/or severe damage. Some engine designs are referred to as interference engines. If your car has an interference engine, replacing the timing belt according to your maintenance schedule helps minimize the chance that a belt failure will cause engine damage or even engine failure.

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Driveshaft Services in Dayton, OH

Driveshafts are mechanical components that transmit torque and rotational force from a vehicle’s engine to its wheels. They are typically made of metal tubing with splines at either end to connect with the transmission and differential. Driveshafts use a series of universal joints or constant-velocity joints to allow for shaft flexibility, enabling them to absorb any movement or misalignment in the axle. They are also balanced and counter-weighted to prevent excessive vibration that could cause damage. Without a driveshaft, your vehicle could not power its wheels and move forward. Regular maintenance of driveshafts is essential for keeping your car running safely and smoothly. If you need driveshaft work, come immediately to Pitt Stop Tire & Auto.

A bad or failing driveshaft can make it difficult to control your vehicle. Read on to learn what signs and symptoms you should be on the lookout for. If your car exhibits any of these conditions, a trip to your mechanic is in order; they have the know-how to diagnose and fix your driveshaft problems.

  • Vibrations from under the vehicle
  • Difficulty turning
  • Loud clunking noise
  • Car shudders upon acceleration
  • Squeaking noise
  • Clicking or knocking noise

CV Joint Repair & Replacement in Xenia, OH

Your vehicle’s CV joints are a collection of cages and bearings protected by your vehicle’s CV boot, including your joints and axles. Regular inspections of the boot help us to ensure it remains sealed so dirt and grime don’t get inside to wear it down. This provides you with a smoother ride, including rear-wheel drive vehicles. At Pitt Stop Tire & Auto, we work on CV Boots, CV axles, lousy CV joints, axle shafts, ball joints, and axle damage. To ensure the long-term value of your vehicle, come to Pitt Stop Tire & Auto for an appointment to inspect your CV joints for any axle or joint replacements or repairs, and get a free estimate today!

By identifying the problem early on, boot replacement saves you money. Nevertheless, it is still a labor-intensive operation. For joints that go extended periods without lubricant, you should replace the entire axle. In some vehicles, CV joints cannot be replaced. Sometimes, the entire half-shaft needs to be replaced. The half-shaft is crucial to propelling front-wheel drive vehicles.

If your vehicle’s CV joints or boots need to be serviced, you should consider having the service performed sooner rather than later to avoid additional damage to your vehicle. The most accessible and practical path to an efficient and effective repair is bringing your car to a trusted technician.

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Transmission Questions & Answers

Can I drive with a transmission leak?

It depends on the rate of fluid loss. A minor or slow leak will allow you to drive as long as you maintain the level in the normal range. You will have to establish the rate of loss and replenish as necessary. Obviously, if fluid is running out as a stream, you won’t go very far. A transmission usually operates “normal” until the fluid loses a quart or more. Then the unit will exhibit abnormal operating symptoms, and internal damage is occurring. What started as only a leak can result in a significant repair bill if ignored!

What is a "shift kit?"

The shift kit is an aftermarket service pack researched and developed to compensate for design deficiencies discovered in a particular transmission. In most cases, the kit improves the quality of shifts, increases the internal pressure that operates the unit, and provides better lubrication.

Who can repair my transmission in Xenia, OH

From transmissions to tune-ups and for everything in between, people who know go to Pitt Stop Tire & Auto. That’s because we’ve built a legacy of trust and expertise with the Xenia community.

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