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Electric Vehicles and hybrids don’t require the same maintenance schedule as traditional gas-powered vehicles. Nevertheless, when something seems off, and you’d like for a professional to take a look, you can count on the experts at Pitt Stop Tire & Auto. Hybrid cars have become more popular in recent years. They’re better for gas mileage because they run on gasoline and electricity. There here were over 5.4 Million hybrid cars sold in the US as of 2019.

 Our team of local technicians has completed safety training to perform conventional and low-voltage services for all types of EV and Hybrid vehicles in Xenia, OH.

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EV Car Repair & Maintenance in Xenia, OH

AUTO Maintenance 101

Focusing on EV Maintenance vs. Gas Car Maintenance

Converting electricity into mechanical energy creates heat, and like gas cars, electric vehicles need to keep their powertrain components cool to ensure everything continues to work as it should. Some use air to do this, while others use some coolant or refrigerant to prevent components from overheating. Since hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars have gas engines on board, their maintenance routines are closer to those of a gas-powered car than an EV. Nonetheless, these vehicles’ electric motors allow them to slow down via regenerative braking. This means that hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles’ brake rotors and pads tend to have longer service lives than those of gas cars.
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3 Maintenance Tips for EV & Hybrid Cars:


Every 50,000 miles, your hybrid vehicle’s transmission fluid should be replaced. Although this fluid does not break down as quickly as in a gas-powered car, it becomes contaminated with iron oxide over time. When this occurs, it can cause severe damage to your electric motor and result in expensive part replacements.


Flushing your hybrid’s brake fluid regularly is crucial in avoiding an expensive part of failure. If your brake fluid is never replaced, the linear valve, which plays a critical role in the wheel alignment, will become corroded and, over time, leave your vehicle undriveable.


Hybrid vehicles have two batteries: the hybrid battery that handles the car’s electrical charge and a traditional 12-volt battery like you’d expect in a gas-powered car. Both batteries need to be maintained to keep your hybrid vehicle safe, reliable, and cost-effective.

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Hybrid vehicles have many benefits, but just like standard gas vehicles, they must be serviced occasionally. Unlike conventional vehicles, though, it can be not easy to find a mechanic with the skills and knowledge necessary to service your hybrid. Skip the dealership, and stop by your local Pitt Stop Tire & Auto for all your hybrid car needs. We’re an auto repair shop in Xenia, OH, offering oil changes, heating & AC services, radiator service, tires, tire repair, and much more!

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Electric Vehicle & Hybrid Vehicle Questions & Answers

Are hybrid cars expensive to repair?

Maintenance and repairs can be more expensive with hybrid cars because you’re dealing with two power systems (the ICE and electric components) instead of one. But the amount you spend on gas with a hybrid car is often significantly less. Plus, hybrids also have reduced emissions and higher fuel efficiency, making them more environmentally friendly to drive. Learn more about car insurance for electric cars. (Source)

Who can repair my hybrid car near me in Xenia, OH?

Pitt Stop Tire & Auto has been serving the Xenia area for years. We work on vehicles of all types, including gas-powered motors, electric vehicles, and hybrids. Reach out to us today to see how we can meet your hybrid car repair needs!

Do hybrid cars have exclusive maintenance needs?

No, hybrid cars do not have exclusive maintenance needs. You will need to change the oil, replace the filters, and perform other routine maintenance tasks on your hybrid vehicle, just like on a regular car. Battery life was a concern in older hybrids, but the current models don’t have that problem.

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