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Keeping your vehicle running like its new for as long as possible is our specialty. This is what we do! Come to Pitt Stop Tire & Auto in Xenia, OH for the highest quality vehicle maintenance and car care possible at the most affordable prices.

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Your Neighborhood Auto Maintenance Mechanic in Xenia, OH

Whether you require emergency repairs or suspect your vehicle might need a tune-up, schedule an appointment at Pitt Stop Tire & Auto. Our team of professionals can pinpoint the problem and help get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. Learn more about the various types of auto repair services we offer, including tire repair, brakes, alignment, auto services, engine repair, engine replacement, steering and suspension, and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).

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Auto Repair 101

4 Common Car Issues

Completing routine service and maintenance is vital to keeping your car, truck, or SUV running strong. However, car issues will sometimes arise, and every vehicle will display sure warning signs. To reduce the potential for breakdown, and expensive repairs, we’ve listed 4 of the most common car problems we encounter.

Warning Lights

A warning or check engine light is the most common issue for US car, truck, and SUV owners. These lights illuminate when the vehicle’s ECU (engine control unit) detects an error code triggered by a sensor. Since there are more than 200 possible warning codes, having a professional mechanic complete a warning light inspection is the best way to determine the source and make the proper repairs.

Poor Fuel Economy

When the engine runs efficiently, it burns fuel at a rate that helps improve fuel economy. However, several fuel system parts like fuel filters, air filters, mass air flow sensors, and O2 sensors will ultimately get dirty or wear out. If this occurs before they are replaced, it will cause the engine to consume more fuel than usual. Again, being proactive about routine servicing provides the solution.

Sputtering Engine

The engine runs best when air and fuel properly mix and burn in the combustion chamber. Fuel and ignition system components must work together to complete this process. Though many moving parts help an engine run correctly, engine sputtering or misfiring is one of the leading problems. To reduce engine misfiring or sputtering issues, replace fuel and ignition system components as your manufacturer recommends.

Dead Battery

Most car batteries should last about three years or 50,000 miles. A dead battery is usually caused by reduced amps – or electrical currents – which inherently decrease as the battery loses its ability to hold a charge. A damaged alternator, battery temperature sensor, or other charging system components can expedite this issue. It’s best to replace your car battery every 50,000 miles or three years, even if it does not show damage.

We’re a Full-Service Mechanic Shop in Xenia, OH!

No matter what problem you’ve run into, your car is in great hands at Pitt Stop Tire & Auto. We’re your one-stop brake shop, tire shop, and auto repair shop in the Dayton, OH, area. We’re here to service your vehicle from top to bottom. That includes battery replacements, broken A/C, shaky steering wheels, heating issues, brakes, wheel alignments, tire rotations, tire repair, and much more. We’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for a “mechanic near me,” “auto repair near me,” “auto body shop near me,” or “car repair near me,” you’ve come to the right place! Give us a call today to schedule services.

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Financing for Tires & Car Repairs in Xenia, OH

Financing Options

Finance Your Next Set of Tires

We know buying new tires and/or wheels for your car or truck can be stressful on the wallet, so we’re here to help. As the leading tire shop in Xenia, OH, we’ve made sure we have payment plans that will fit anyone’s needs so you can get tires now and pay later. Whether your purchase is a surprise or expected, we'll take care of you.

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Pitt Stop Tire & Auto in Xenia, OH

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Pitt Stop Tire & Auto is your local leader for auto maintenance, with more than 40 years of experience in the industry.

Headlight & Taillight Bulb Replacement in Xenia, Ohio

If you’re looking for headlight replacement service near you or taillight bulb replacement, look no further than Pitt Stop Tire & Auto. Our technicians inspect your vehicle’s headlights, taillights, and other bulbs to determine if replacements are necessary. We also install new bulbs.
When it comes to things wecan’tt go without, fully functional headlights are high on our list. Without them, you araren’tble to see where yoyou’reoing while yoyou’reriving at night or driving in inclement weather. More importantly, nobody can see you. If you notice one of your headlights, brake lights, tail lights, or other exterior lights aaren’tworking properly — we encourage you not to allow it to sideline you. Please schedule an appointment today with us to have those new bulbs installed.

Pitt Stop Tune-Up Services in Greene County, Ohio

With every unique engine comes its own unique set of needs. There’s nothing There’ssential than engine care. Our Pitt Stop Tire & Auto expert auto technicians help you determine which tune-up service is suitable for your car based on the vehicle’s past uvehicle’susual driving conditions.

Auto Maintenance Mechanic in Xenia, OH

If you’re looking for a “mechanic near me” or an “auto expert near me,” we encourage you to call us or stop by any time. Have a look around. Check out our complete line-up of name-brand tires — from Firestone, Bridgestone, and Continental — and be sure to check out our special offers. Find a store nearby or book an appointment — even at night or during a weekend and consider your ride renewed. You are in good hands with Pitt Stop Tire & Auto. Our six-bay, full-service auto shop is at 828 Cincinnati Ave., in friendly Xenia, Ohio. We are ASE certified and carry an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Auto Maintenance Questions & Answers

How Often Should I Get an Oil Change?

The consensus agrees that a driver should get an oil change every 3,000 to 7,000 miles or every three months. However, you can always refer to your owner’s manual, which covers the recommended oil change interval for your specific make and model. Many of today’s newer vehicles will tell you when they are due for service. Remember: an oil change is essential because it acts as a lubricant for the internal cogs and gears under the hood. Without it, oil can turn into sludge and prohibit your vehicle from operating correctly.

Does my car need a coolant flush?

Your coolant is what helps keep your vehicle from overheating. Like your vehicle’s oil, it can break down and cause sludge. This wears down your vehicle and could cause it to overheat, which is not good. A coolant flush lets you remove and replace that broken-down coolant with clean coolant. It also allows you to clean out a bit of that broken-down coolant, preventing it from causing further damage to your engine.

What's the Point of a Tire Rotation?

A tire rotation… well… rotates your tires. This causes the wear on your tires to be redistributed to other parts, extending your tires’ life. If you don’t rotate your tires, their wear will be centralized to one spot, forcing it to be replaced sooner. With centralized wear, your tires may pop sooner, so be sure to rotate your tires!

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