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Professional wheel alignments ensure your tires meet the road at the right angle and your wheels point straight. Proper wheel alignment maximizes tire life, fuel economy, and the overall performance of your vehicle. Get started today with an appointment at Pitt Stop Tire & Auto!

If your car is pulling to one side or your steering wheel isn’t centered while you drive, it could indicate that it’s past due for a wheel alignment. At Pitt Stop Tire & Auto, our technicians have performed countless wheel alignments. Our track record speaks for itself. We also use high-tech computerized wheel alignment technology. This means our camber, caster, toe, and thrust angle measurements are always the most precise and accurate.

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Wheel & Tire Alignment


Understanding the Importance of Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment (also known as tire alignment) is a service that adjusts your vehicle’s suspension to ensure that all wheels are oriented correctly about each other and the road. Theoretically, wheel alignment ensures that every wheel points in the same direction and every tire maintains optimal contact with the road. It also helps maximize your tire investment by preventing uneven tire wear. The wheel alignment process involves measuring and restoring the factory settings of three angles in your vehicle’s suspension.
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3 Benefits of a Wheel Alignment:

Improved Handling

One of the most essential benefits of wheel alignment is improved handling. Properly aligned wheels will make your car handle better on the road, especially when you’re driving at high speeds. If your car’s wheels are out of alignment, you’ll notice that it drifts to one side of the road or the other. This can be extremely dangerous, especially driving on a busy highway.

Improved Brakes

Wheel alignment can also improve your car’s braking performance. If your wheels are correctly aligned, your car will stop in a straight line rather than veering to one side or the other.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

When your car’s wheels are correctly aligned, they’ll roll more smoothly down the road. This means that your car won’t have to work as hard to move forward, which will save you money on gas. Properly aligned wheels can improve your gas mileage by up to 10%. That may not seem like a lot, but it can add up quickly, especially if you drive a lot.

Extend the Life of Your Tires With a Tire Alignment in Xenia, Ohio

Misalignment of wheels or tires may lead to premature and uneven tire wear. If you wait to get a wheel alignment until it’s too late, you could find yourself buying new tires more frequently. Here are three types of uneven or premature tire wear:

  • Feathering: Tires become “feathered” when the tread is smooth or worn down on one side and sharp on the other. This type of tire wear occurs when there’s a combination of improper alignment settings.
  • Camber wear: Is the inside or outside edge of your tire tread looking much more worn than the center of the tread? It could be due to camber wear. Camber refers to the angle of your tires on the vehicle frame, and it can be positive or negative depending on the angle. 
  • Heel and toe wear: Picture your tire treads, then zoom in. Those individual sections are called tire “tread blocks.” When one side of a tread block appears to be wearing down faster than the other in your tire’s rolling direction, it’s called heel and toe wear. A symptom of heel/toe wear can be noise or vibration.
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Wheel & Tire Alignment Questions & Answers

What is adjusted during wheel alignment?

Alignments use three different suspension angle adjustments to change the positioning of your vehicle’s wheels: camber, toe, and caster.

What are the symptoms of a bad wheel alignment?

A driver will notice several distinct symptoms when their vehicle is out of alignment. 1.) Off-center steering wheel when the wheels are straight 2.) Car pulling to the left or right when going straight 3.) Uneven or irregular tire wear 4.) Dog tracking (the vehicle “crab walks” as a result of positive or negative thrust angle) 5.) Stability faults, typically a result of the ECU mistaking severe misalignment for traction issues. The severity of symptoms depends on how misaligned your vehicle is. However, even if you don’t notice anything severe when you drive, a mild misalignment will adversely affect your tire life and fuel economy.

How often should I get an alignment?

At a minimum, your vehicle should go in for an alignment check once a year. The frequency can vary depending on your vehicle and driving style.

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